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Leaders in Effective Stuttering Therapy
Intensive 12-Day Program

Help Change the Course of Someone's Life

At HCRI, our important work is made possible through the generosity of alumni and supporters who understand the remarkable change fluency brings to people's lives -- and who can identify with the need to make stuttering treatment continually better and more accessible.

As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, we use every dollar we receive to:

  • administer stuttering therapy
  • provide alumni with post-therapy tools and resources for life;
  • award therapy scholarships and tuition waivers to assist people in need;
  • conduct stuttering research that drives treatment advancements; and
  • operate our lean organization in a highly cost-efficient manner.

The therapy fees we receive only cover a portion of these expenses. That is why we, like other nonprofit organizations, depend on annual donations and special gifts to continue our important work and enhance people's lives through fluency.

We strive to make donating easy and convenient, while offering a wide choice of giving funds, which are described below. We also encourage you to consider including HCRI as a beneficiary in your will or trust. Bequests are an important source of support and will help ensure the Institute continues to help people who stutter for generations to come. For more information, call us at 540-265-5650 (or) toll free 855-236-7032.

HCRI Giving Funds and Opportunities

HCRI Gift of Fluency Campaign Donation

Donate Now
This general fund is vital to HCRI. Contributions are needed to support stuttering therapy delivery, our clinician team, and maintaining essential operating requirements of the Institute.
    HCRI alumni and friends who donate $1,000 or more annually will receive special recognition as a Hollins Society member during the year and at HCRI�s Alumni Reunion.

HCRI Therapy Scholarship Fund

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To make stuttering treatment more affordable for those in need, HCRI awards therapy scholarships that help cover a portion or nearly all of the cost of therapy. These scholarships are fully funded by HCRI friends and alumni.
    HCRI supporters who pledge and make an annual scholarship gift of $10,000 or more for five years will have a scholarship named on their behalf (or in recognition of a friend or loved one). Those who give an endowed scholarship of $100,000 or more also will be honored with a perpetually named scholarship.

Research and Technology Fund

Donate Now
Through our ongoing research and treatment innovations, HCRI is recognized as a worldwide leader in stuttering therapy. We continue to develop new technologies and advance the therapy process to make fluency-skill learning easier and results longer lasting. HCRI's new "speech microscope" is just one example of how we work toward championing greater understanding and treatment of this unique disorder.
    When you give $1,000 or more to HCRI's Research and Technology Fund, you will become a Champion of Discovery for the Institute. In recognition, we will send you a certificate that is suitable for framing.

Buy-a-Brick Program - Paving the Way to Fluency

HCRI's brick patio represents a place to show support for HCRI, help others who stutter, and leave a permanent mark at the Institute with the purchase of an inscribed brick.Each brick can be imprinted with up to three lines of type, with each line having up to 14 letters/spaces. Funds will be used for HCRI's Gift of Fluency - Annual Operating Fund. A brick with a one-line inscription is $250, two-line inscription is $375, and three-line inscription is $500.
Please Call HCRI for Your Personalized Brick:

Bronze Donor Recognition Tree

A beautiful bronze "donor recognition tree" is prominently displayed on the wall of HCRI's lobby and symbolizes the strength and growth possible through fluency. The tree is adorned with bronze leaves that can be engraved with a personalized message or tribute in recognition of a friend or loved one. Each engraved leaf is $500 and will be used for HCRI's Gift of Fluency - Annual Operating Fund.
Please Call HCRI for Your Engraved Bronze Leaf:


What Donors Say


"I strongly support HCRI for two main reasons. First, I owe the Institute and its dedicated staff much of my career success. HCRI has enabled me to meet public speaking challenges I could only dream about before enrolling. Second,the greater the Institute's capabilities, the more stutterers can receive the same liberating gift of fluency it gave me."
Alan Tonelson
Riverdale Park, Maryland
Alan Tonelson
"I am indebted to HCRI every day of my life. The innovative therapy and talented staff provided me the gift of fluency.I am honored to support HCRI's research and scholarship funds and help the institute continue to provide for others a therapy that really works."

Gina Abrams
Yardley, PA

"HCRI did a lot for me and I not only want to give back; I want to pay forward. The Rose Flaum Scholarship Fund provides tuition for those stutterers (college and graduate students) who need therapy but cannot afford it. I am happy I am able to provide this to my fellow stutterers."
Sander Flaum
New York, New York
Sander Flaum2
"I give to Hollins because it is the only speech course that works! For thirty-five years, the staff at HCRI has never given up on me. Despite physical problems, they have worked with me and encouraged me. They continue to fine-tune the stuttering therapy and do research that helps to make their fluency training method even better. I give to help other stutterers and in thankfulness for what HCRI has done for me".
Dorothy Carlson
Wayne, PA
Dorothy Carlsona


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The HCRI Difference

HCRI is recognized as a leader in stuttering therapy. We developed the first comprehensive behavioral stuttering treatment, as well as the first speech measurement and feedback system for therapy. We continually research and upgrade our treatment program, based on new discoveries and technology, to make fluency learning easier and more sustainable. As a result, you benefit by participating in one of the most advanced, results-based therapy programs available.

For 40 years, we’ve researched and treated stuttering, made presentations around the globe, trained therapists across the U.S., and partnered with national agencies on stuttering research. We’ve helped more than 6,100 people, representing all types and severities of stuttering. We have the experience and know how to help you on the path to fluency.

HCRI’s treatment is comprehensive, systematic, and quality-controlled. We test every detail of the therapy process, and have systems to ensure treatment reliability. This includes having HCRI clinicians participate in 500 extra hours of customized training. These stringent standards ensure you achieve the best possible therapy outcomes.

HCRI stuttering therapy has enhanced the lives of thousands of people who stutter. Research shows 90-93% of clients acquire fluent speech in 12 days and 70-75% retain fluency when evaluated one and again two years post therapy. You can expect similar results if you give 100% to the therapy process.

Our extensive post-therapy tools and support are unmatched. Examples include our computer-based FluencyNet system, monthly video tips, HCRI reunions, fluency practice groups, and a free iPhone app that serves as a clinician in your pocket. Of course, we are always available by phone, email and Skype to offer assistance. At HCRI, we are your partner in fluency for life.

Stuttering has enormous personal cost in the form of lost opportunities at work, school and socially. Therapy also comes at a price − but therapies are not created equally. The hourly cost of HCRI’s therapy program, which totals 100 hours over 12-days, is less than half the national average. Plus, HCRI provides a high probability of a positive, lasting outcome. All things considered, HCRI represents one of the best therapy values available – and financing is available.

"My stuttering pattern was unusual, according to my old therapists who didn't help me. At HCRI, they knew what to do about it."

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