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HCRI Success Stories

Avoiding Interaction with People Because I Stutter

I spent my life avoiding new situations where I would have to interact with people. I wouldn’t go to new ...
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The Tools and Techniques I Learned at Hollins Transformed My Life

Stuttering made me feel badly about myself and impacted all aspects of my life. I would go to great lengths ...
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I am a stutterer and am always going to be a stutterer.

As a stutterer, I knew I had to work smarter and harder than fluent speakers to be successful in my ...
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My Stuttering was Increasingly Interfering with Daily Tasks

Participating in the HCRI therapy program gave me more confidence and enabled me to take on leadership roles in my ...
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Stuttering – Fear, Anxiety and Stress when I Need to Communicate.

While it was always a struggle, I never let my stuttering stop me as I went through school and started ...
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A Thank You To Hollins Communications Research Institute

It was so wonderful being able to talk fluently with my wife and kids after going through the HCRI program ...
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