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The NEW Hollins Fluency Program

Forging new ground in the treatment of stuttering, HCRI scientists have introduced the Hollins Fluency Program: Advanced Speech Reconstruction for Stuttering™, a powerful new 12-day stuttering therapy with advanced behavioral, electronic and computer technologies that significantly improve the learning and retention of fluent speech.

The Hollins Fluency Program helps people who stutter learn how to replace faulty muscle contractions that cause stuttering with new muscle behaviors that generate fluent speech.  By literally “reconstructing” muscle actions that drive movements of the tongue, lip, jaw, soft palette, and vocal folds, individuals who stutter can acquire and sustain the ability to speak fluently.

The entire process can be completed within 12 days of intensive therapy and fluency results are among the highest of any stuttering therapy available.

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Researchers developed the Hollins Fluency Program after studying and treating more than 5,500 people who stutter, ranging in age from 10 to 73.

First, they incorporated new knowledge of muscle movement targets that actively generate fluent speech for each sound class in our language. These changes have strengthened the core of the therapy system. 

HCRI engineers also improved computer based training techniques through which fluency skills are learned.

These developments have made it easier for clients to understand, learn and maintain the details of muscle movements that produce fluent speech.  The new Hollins Fluency Program incorporates sophisticated performance tracking tools that evaluate stuttering therapy progress and individualized treatment needs.

Second, HCRI scientists invented new electronics for measuring speech muscle use in real time and for signaling to clients whether or not they are using their muscles correctly as they practice new fluency generating skills.

This new, acoustically based biofeedback system allows fluency skill production to be measured and proper guidance provided, even at normal speaking rates. This component of the therapy system prepares clients for transfer of their fluency skills to everyday speaking situations. A virtual transfer practice module facilitates the transition from fluency skill use in the clinic to fluency skill use in daily life.

Third, HCRI created the new Hollins Fluency Program using a web-based format. This means that the Institute now has the power to explore remote access, quality controlled treatment for stuttering anywhere there is an internet connection.

Click Here to view videos about the Hollins Fluency Program >>

The chart below illustrates the Hollins Fluency Program components and how they work together to help HCRI clients successfully acquire the ability to generate robust, fluent speech. To learn more, place your mouse over each therapy program element for additional information.

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No other stuttering therapy program can replicate the sophistication and success of HCRI’s new Hollins Fluency Program – or the individualized approach from which clients benefit. To begin your path to fluency, click here to apply, call HCRI at 540-265-5650 or click here to send an email.


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"I didn’t understand the idea of fluency targets at first. LuAnn was patient in explaining each target to me and made sure that I was practicing the right way. Finally I got it and I am a fluent person. "
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