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At HCRI, we have dedicated our careers to advancing stuttering treatment and helping people open doors of opportunity through fluency that were never before possible. Each member of our clinical and research teams deeply cares about making lives better for people who stutter and helping HCRI clients succeed.

Our clinicians are recognized for their compassion and expert technical skills. They work exclusively with individuals who stutter and have experience treating a broad range of stuttering types and severities. Our clinicians treat more people who stutter in one year than most speech therapists treat in their careers.

The role clinicians play in the delivery of HCRI stuttering treatment is one of the most important variables to the effectiveness of our therapy system. That is why we have extensively studied clinician behaviors and defined specific, detailed skills that are required for optimal treatment delivery. These skills have been codified and incorporated in our therapy program - and are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.

Each clinician on staff must take and pass a stringent 500-hour HCRI training program before becoming certified to administer our stuttering therapy. This training requirement ensures that clients always benefit from the highest standards of clinical skills during treatment. For example, a new clinician may come to us with a solid academic record, an advanced degree, and various forms of licensing, including the Fluency Specialist certification. However, we have found that such training does not automatically assure competence for administering our proprietary therapy.

Only after a new staff member successfully completes our comprehensive clinical training can he or she be certified to administer HCRI's therapy program. We understand that high standards for clinician performance are ours to set and maintain. Therefore, when you select HCRI for stuttering therapy, you can be assured that an expert clinician will be working with you to build your foundation for a fluent future.


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