Extensive Post-Therapy Support

At HCRI, we are your partner in fluency for life. The individualized attention, encouragement, and fluency tools from which you benefit during treatment continue when you return home with our extensive post-therapy support and resources.

HCRI clinicians proactively stay in touch with program participants after therapy through phone contact and emails. In addition, all clients are encouraged to contact the Institute whenever they have questions or need assistance (855-236-7032 or or email us).

A convenient practice tool, the powerful HCRI app evaluates, scores, and provides immediate feedback on speech skills taught during HCRI therapy.

Available for both PC and Apple platforms, this internet-based home practice system helps individuals review and fine-tune targets using the same physical measurements used during HCRI therapy. Each program participant receives a free one-year subscription

HCRI "On Target" conference calls and Zoom meetings, which are led by HCRI alumni,  help past therapy participants practice speech skills taught during therapy, maintain fluency target quality, and connect with other HCRI clients on a regular basis.

Five-day alumni refresher programs are provided for alumni who wish to return to HCRI to sharpen their fluency skills, should the need arise. HCRI also offers remote support sessions via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, enabling alumni to work one-on-one with a clinician via the web. 

HCRI alumni may schedule a web-based, remote refresher course with an HCRI clinician that includes eight one-hour sessions using FaceTime or Skype and a computer. In addition, one-hour remote therapy sessions are also available.

HCRI therapy program manuals and CDs are available anytime, on request.

Program participants are encouraged to join the HCRI Facebook Group to participate in discussions and read the latest HCRI news.

The Hollins Speakers Group is modeled after the Toastmasters style of meetings. This group is a practice and transfer opportunity for alumni, in addition to conference calls and Zoom meetings. What makes the Hollins Speakers Group unique is that members have the opportunity to present speeches in a supportive environment, either ad-hoc to improve their presentation skills, or to practice a speech they will be presenting at work, school, or events such as weddings.


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