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Leaders in Effective Stuttering Therapy
12-Day Immersion Therapy Invented Here at HCRI

Extensive Post-Therapy Support

At HCRI, we are your partner in fluency for life. The individualized attention, encouragement, and fluency tools from which you benefit during treatment continue when you return home with our extensive post-therapy support and resources.

Phone and Email Contact

HCRI clinicians proactively stay in touch with program participants after therapy through phone contact and emails. In addition, all clients are encouraged to contact the Institute whenever they have questions or need assistance (855-236-7032 or info@stuttering.org).

HCRI iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App

A convenient practice tool, the HCRI app evaluates, scores, and provides immediate feedback on speech skills taught during HCRI therapy.

FluencyNet Subscription

Available for both PC and Apple platforms, this internet-based home practice system helps individuals review and fine-tune targets using the same physical measurements used during HCRI therapy. Each program participant receives a free one-year subscription.

Practice Groups

Participating in one of the HCRI client-led fluency practice groups across the country or joining phone practice sessions that are regularly scheduled helps alumni maintain fluency target quality.

Refresher Courses

Held throughout the year, refresher courses are provided for alumni who wish to return to HCRI to further hone their fluency skills, should the need arise.

Program Manuals and CDs

HCRI therapy program manuals and CDs are available anytime, on request.

Facebook Group

Program participants are encouraged to join the HCRI Facebook Group to participate in discussions and read the latest HCRI news.

Twitter – @Help4Stuttering

HCRI alumni receive tweets with the latest HCRI news and information when they "follow" us on Twitter.

HCRI Reunions

Returning to HCRI for this enjoyable, worthwhile weekend helps clients re-connect with clinicians, socialize with other program participants, practice fluency skills, and hear about the latest treatment innovations.

Ongoing Communication

HCRI distributes newsletters and emails on a regular basis to help ensure alumni stay up-to-date on the latest HCRI news, information, and fluency resources.

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summer 6reasons
After participating in HCRI therapy, the majority of clients say they were able to advance their careers and earnings.

"I'm a computer programmer. The people at HCRI have done a terrific job of making computers work effectively to improve the quality of therapy. Their work with electronics in therapy is outstanding."

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