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We want to make it clear that, at the present time, there is no cure for stuttering. Yet, HCRI stuttering therapy can help the majority of people who stutter acquire lifelong skills to control their stuttering and speak fluently. HCRI's 12-day immersion therapy is designed to a wide range of stuttering types from mild to severe.

The 12-day HCRI treatment program is a premier therapy in terms of quality and results. Research demonstrates that... 

  • 93% of program participants achieve fluency by the end of their 12-day therapy program.
  • When evaluated two-years post therapy, 75% retain their ability to speak fluently.

These findings are based on a large-scale evaluation study, which is documented in Chapter 11 of the book, From Stuttering to Fluent Speech, 6,300 Cases Later: Unlocking Muscle Mischief, written by HCRI President and Founder Ronald L. Webster, Ph.D.

Many clients come to us after trying other types of therapies, devices and speech programs that didn't work. At HCRI, we have a proven track record of treating thousands of people who stutter. We have worked with a broad range of stuttering types and severities. It is likely we have successfully treated someone with a stuttering condition very similar to yours.

We have treated more than 7,000 individuals, between the ages of 11 to 73, from across the U.S. and 50 countries. This includes administering more than 700,000 hours of stuttering therapy. HCRI clinicians treat more people who stutter in one year than most speech therapists treat in a lifetime.

There is no protocol for predicting how a given individual will progress in therapy. Yet, our statistics indicate that, if you have a desire to do something about your stuttering and possess normal intellectual and sensory/motor functioning, you are likely to experience similar outcomes. We invite you to learn more about our stuttering therapy approach and view our client videos. Please reach out to HCRI anytime if you have questions or need additional information.


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