Benefits of FluencyNet

FluencyNet™ is a computer-based fluency skills practice system developed at HCRI for stuttering therapy clients to use at home or in the office. The system validates and strengthens the use of the specific fluency skills learned in our stuttering therapy program.

How Does it Work?

FluencyNet™ is based on the physical analysis of speech sounds, as they are spoken. Our hardware and software provide real-time measures of speech sounds, evaluate the sounds for their production relative to fluency standards, and immediately signal the results to the user in the form of graphs plotted on the computer screen.

When the on-screen graph shows an accumulation of many green bars and few red bars, the speech signals were judged to be mostly correct. On the other hand, when the on-screen graph shows an accumulation of many red bars and few green bars, the speech signals were judged to be outside the limits necessary for the maintenance of fluent speech.

This registration is ONLY for HCRI Alumni who have never acquired the FluencyNet program before, and do not own the standard FluencyNet microphone.

If you already have the standard FluencyNet microphone and software, but need to begin or renew your subscription to the FluencyNet software, please log-in here.

Will I Need FluencyNetâ„¢ after HCRI Therapy?

Probably not. Yet, the answer depends on your level of skill attained in using fluency targets in your every day life. If you are like most of our program graduates and you are solidly on target and experiencing few disfluencies, then you probably will not need FluencyNet™. If you are somewhat unstable with your use of fluency skills, you may find that FluencyNet™ gives you the boost you need to move to more stable use of fluency skills. The essential point is that FluencyNet™ is always there in the event you need it.

What is the Cost?

For current HCRI therapy program graduates, the speech microphone, software, and an initial subscription period are provided free of charge. Then, if you are satisfied with the benefits that you have realized through the use of FluencyNet™, you may wish to keep your microphone and continue your subscription. Short-, intermediate-, and long-term subscriptions are available for purchase by clicking here.

What Equipment Do I Need to Use FluencyNetâ„¢

The program will run on almost any computer that has a Windows or MacIntosh OSX (Leopard, and Snow Leopard) platform and USB port. As noted above, you will need to utilize the speech microphone we provide for use with your FluencyNet™software.


For more information or to ask a question about FluencyNet™, click here or call HCRI at: (540) 265-5650.


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