My Stuttering was Increasingly Interfering with Daily Tasks

Participating in the HCRI therapy program gave me more confidence and enabled me to take on leadership roles in my academic career that I never before would have considered.

When I was a teacher, I could control the environment in my classroom and create structure that helped with my speech. Yet, once I became a school administrator, things changed and my stuttering was increasingly interfering with daily tasks. I was not comfortable doing presentations, speaking up in meetings or talking on the telephone.

That’s when I decided to enroll in the HCRI program. The therapy was hard work. Yet, I learned how to control my stuttering. My fluency continued to improve with each day of treatment.

Since stuttering is a journey that continues through life, I realized when I returned home that I needed to regularly practice the breathing, articulating and other skills I learned at Hollins to maintain my fluency.

Soon after attending HCRI, I landed a new job with greater responsibility. With practice and smooth speech, I have more self-assurance than ever before and can comfortably talk in front of people whenever the need arises. Hollins provides a great program.

Anthony Sturges
Chief Operating Officer
Aurora Public Schools

Stuttering – Fear, Anxiety and Stress when I Need to Communicate.

While it was always a struggle, I never let my stuttering stop me as I went through school and started on my career path. Yet, I always felt like I paid a price for each of my accomplishments.  That price meant dealing with immense fear, anxiety and stress every time I needed to communicate.

When I started working after business school, I realized how important strong communication skills were to my future. To advance in my field, I needed to master public speaking and effortlessly give presentations, participate in meetings and talk on the phone.

Since childhood, I have participated in different types of speech therapy and even tried using a special device designed to help with stuttering.  None of the approaches helped with my fluency.

Then I was told about HCRI by a senior executive from my company who took a special interest in my career development. She knew of a colleague who had tremendous success with the Hollins program and put me in touch with him.  Soon thereafter, I went to Roanoke and participated in the program.  It was the first time any speech therapy had worked. At HCRI, I learned techniques and exercises that enabled me to speak fluently.

Since attending the program, my fear and anxiety from stuttering have been replaced with enjoyment and anticipation. I’ve advanced to a new position with my company and now look forward to presenting in front of groups and talking with business associates.

While I didn’t recognize doors being closed before I went to HCRI, now I definitely see them opening. Henry Kessler
Product Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb

A Thank You To Hollins Communications Research Institute

It was so wonderful being able to talk fluently with my wife and kids after going through the HCRI program. For the first time in my life, I was able to use the exact words I wanted to say to my family at the moment I wanted to say them.

Before attending HCRI, communication with everyone – including family members — was a problem for me. I ridiculed myself for stuttering, and was always afraid of finding myself in a position of having to talk and not being able to do it.

I thank my wife for my attending the Hollins treatment program. She saw an article about HCRI and requested information. As an older participant, I found the therapy to be hard work. It was challenging to re-learn and practice how to speak. Yet, when I came home I was fluent. It lasted a few weeks and then my speech started to degrade. It was then that I realized that HCRI isn’t a magical pill for stuttering; rather, you have to practice on an ongoing basis to keep fluency.

The more I practiced and used the techniques I learned, the better I was able to converse and communicate. As a result, two years later I received a job promotion and was put in charge of a division with direct supervision of 20 people, where I was required to lead meetings and give presentations to upper management.

Now I hold a job with the U.S. State Department that requires me to travel internationally, hold meetings and give briefings. I don’t hesitate walking into a room where I don’t know anyone — and then giving a presentation. I actually enjoy it.

Frank Banks
U.S. State Department