My Stuttering was Increasingly Interfering with Daily Tasks

Participating in the HCRI therapy program gave me more confidence and enabled me to take on leadership roles in my academic career that I never before would have considered.

When I was a teacher, I could control the environment in my classroom and create structure that helped with my speech. Yet, once I became a school administrator, things changed and my stuttering was increasingly interfering with daily tasks. I was not comfortable doing presentations, speaking up in meetings or talking on the telephone.

That’s when I decided to enroll in the HCRI program. The therapy was hard work. Yet, I learned how to control my stuttering. My fluency continued to improve with each day of treatment.

Since stuttering is a journey that continues through life, I realized when I returned home that I needed to regularly practice the breathing, articulating and other skills I learned at Hollins to maintain my fluency.

Soon after attending HCRI, I landed a new job with greater responsibility. With practice and smooth speech, I have more self-assurance than ever before and can comfortably talk in front of people whenever the need arises. Hollins provides a great program.

Anthony Sturges
Chief Operating Officer
Aurora Public Schools