HCRI Therapy Scholarships Give the Gift of Fluency

The new Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) Stuttering Therapy Scholarship, made possible through the generosity of HCRI alumni, is already making a dramatic impact on the lives of people who stutter by putting advanced stuttering treatment within financial reach.

With these tough economic times, HCRI’s $1,550 scholarship has been a pivotal factor among the majority of participants being able to come for treatment.  The scholarship makes the net cost of therapy ($2,950) less expensive than programs offered by other stuttering treatment providers.

During each therapy session, we hear clients express their gratitude to HCRI’s alumni for making their participation possible.  We don’t want scholarship funds to run out and encourage you to continue supporting this important program. The quality of people’s lives depend on it – especially now.  Please click here to support this vital cause:  https://www.stuttering.org/donate.php

About HCRI

Hollins Communications Research Institute, founded in 1972 by Ronald L. Webster, Ph.D., has grown into a world-leading center for the investigation and treatment of stuttering.  The 501 (c) (3) nonprofit institute is unique from other stuttering organizations in that work focuses on researching the stuttering condition, as well as delivering stuttering treatment.

Videos speech samples that show the impact of HCRI’s pioneering work in the field can be found at  https://stuttering.org/clientvideos.php .  For more information about HCRI send an email to admin@stuttering.org or call 540-265-5650.