HCRI’s Responsible Stewardship as a Nonprofit Organization

What does Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) do with the money it receives from clients for therapy fees and donations?

HCRI is an Internal Revenue Service classified 501(c)(3) organization. This designation qualifies HCRI as a nonprofit entity. Donations to HCRI may be tax deductible for those who make contributions to the organization.

No individuals shall benefit personally from funds received by 501(c)(3) organizations. As with other nonprofits, HCRI is a non-stock organization with operations overseen by a Board of Directors. Annual financial reports on nonprofit entities must be filed with the IRS.

HCRI uses the revenues it receives to cover costs related to operations, research, and scholarships for therapy attendees. Special emphases are given to making scholarships available to our therapy program enrollees. Annual fundraising programs yield monies that are directed specifically and only to scholarships.

When donations are made to HCRI for specific projects, funds are allocated as specified by the donors.

It should be noted that all employees at HCRI are paid below market wages. No bonus or performance rewards are given. Therapy fees are $43.00 per clock hour, vs. the usual $80 to $120 per “clinical” hour (45 to 50 minutes) in speech therapy clinics.

During years when expenses exceed revenues, loans or property sales have covered the losses. In years when revenues exceed expenses, loans are repaid, deferred maintenance needs are met, and monies are saved for future use.

In summary, HCRI has a 50-year reputation for responsible stewardship of its resources.