The Definition of Stuttering

Stuttering consists of repetitions or prolongations of sounds, syllables, or words, or frequent, unusual hesitations and pauses that disrupt the flow of speech. The severity of the problem varies from situation to situation and is most severe when there is special pressure to communicate, as during a job interview. Moderate to severe cases often include fearful anticipation of stuttering with avoidance of particular sounds, words or situations in which stuttering is anticipated. In addition, there may be eye blinks, tics, tremors of the lip or jaw, or jerking of the head. Often stuttering limits occupational choice and job advancement, and can severely restrict one’s social life.

Since the early 1970’s research at HCRI has revealed that most people could be “retaught” to speak fluently and that stuttering happens in your muscles, not your mind.

It is this continuing research that has been refined into the world’s leading treatment, The Hollins Fluency Systemâ„¢, with patented software specifically designed to help produce the 90% success rate of the participants who complete the HCRI program.

Along with psychologists, speech pathologists and professional support personnel that staff the Institute, effective research is made better with today’s computers. Computers that listen and provide immediate and accurate feedback while collecting important scientific data that can truly be measured and documented. Consistent long term follow ups with our clients continue to define the development and direction of our research and treatment system.

Data show the following about stuttering:

  • The age of onset of stuttering is normally between the ages of two and four
  • Stuttering occurs four times more often in males than females.
  • Recent research indicates a high probability of a genetic factor involved with stuttering. (Often stutterers have relatives who also stutter.)

At HCRI, thousands have completed our therapy program, and we remain committed to developing and to providing the most efficient and effective therapy program available anywhere for individuals who stutter.Click here for the answers to some frequently asked questions about attending our therapy program..