HCRI Provides First-Class Support to Stuttering Therapy Graduates

Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI), a leader in the investigation and treatment of stuttering, offers an extensive package of post-therapy support for program graduates of the center’s nationally acclaimed stuttering treatment program.

HCRI Stuttering Therapy Support:

  • There is a useful set of stuttering therapy manuals, summary materials, practice CDs, and practice guides to take home at the end of HCRI’s 12-day stuttering treatment program.
  • An on-line tracking scale is available to help HCRI stuttering program graduates keep a record of daily speech performance.
  • Clinical staff members are available by phone and e-mail to offer support and guidance to ensure Hollins stuttering program participants maximize success.
  • E-mails are sent to update HCRI clients about new findings in the field of stuttering, practice activities and referesher training schedules.
  • Newsletters are published on a regular basis to keep graduates informed about HCRI news and to provide helpful tips and advice for sustained fluency.
  • HCRI offers short-term referesher training courses on a scheduled basis.
  • Fluency Net, HCRI’s internet-based home practice system, is always available as a means of validating the quality of target use and practicing of targets. This system makes the same type of physical measurements of targets as does the therapy system at HCRI’s clinical facility.
  • An alumni forum on the HCRI website (www.stuttering.org ) provides the opportunity to exchange information, tips and advice with other program graduates.
  • There are a number of HCRI practice groups around the country that meet regularly and welcome participation by new graduates.
  • HCRI holds an Annual Reunion and Fluency Skills Conference during the second weekend of eacghJuly.

For more information about HCRI’s scientifically developed stuttering treatment program, visit www.stuttering.org or call 540-265-5650.