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When individuals decide to make a life-changing decision and seek stuttering therapy, they may be surprised by the cost of treatment that can reach into the thousands. Yet, thinking about cost alone is a deceptive proposition. Rather, learning and retaining fluent can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s personal and professional life.  For this reason, the cost needs to be considered in tandem with the value and outcomes of being able to speak fluently.

Cost of Stuttering

One important idea that should register firmly in the minds of persons who stutter is that stuttering has costs. These costs include lost opportunities for employment or advancement on the job lost possibilities for potentially important social contacts overwhelming discomfort, frustration and anxiety that can be engendered every day by stuttering.

The personal costs for stuttering, like it or not, are extraordinarily high. When one considers the human potential that is bottled up within a person who stutters, and the fact that this set of extraordinary capabilities is not realized at an appropriate level, the costs of stuttering are enormous.

There is yet another cost of stuttering. It involves the cost that comes from missing the simple joy of speaking freely and fluently at will.

Cost of Stuttering Treatment at HCRI

In day-to-day living, most of the objects and services that are worthwhile and necessary have a dollar cost to them. The mechanic at a car dealership is billed at $75 per hour. The cost to have a root canal and crown for an aching tooth can exceed $3,000. Braces on a child’s teeth cost about $5,000. And, the list goes on and on.

At HCRI, the cost for stuttering therapy is well below the national average. For comparison purposes, a “clinical service hour” at HCRI is 60 minutes and priced at $48 for the full hour.  However, the cost for stuttering therapy at other facilities in the U.S. can easily exceed $75 and the clinical service hour is only 45 minutes in length.

While there are stuttering therapy providers who are less costly than HCRI, it is useful to think about the purchase of other important goods and services. Wise choices are usually based on value – what you get in return for the price you pay. Rarely does the cheapest choice provide the same level of satisfaction and results that a value-based choice offers.  HCRI costs and stuttering therapy results yield high value — quite possibly the best value available anywhere.

HCRI program graduates have made a critical investment in their future through their stuttering therapy program participation.  And they are enjoying the benefits of fluent speech in their everyday lives, year over year. A single investment yielded hundreds of thousands of fluent words.

HCRI’s Flexible Payment Options

HCRI offers several options to help you meet the cost of therapy. We have payment plans, scholarships and advice on agencies that might assist in meeting your costs.

Our staff will be glad to help make HCRI’s effective stuttering therapy program available to you. Call 540-265-5650 or click here to send an email for more information.