HCRI “Firsts” in Stuttering Therapy

While HCRI is a small nonprofit organization, the Institute has made big, ground-breaking advancements in the treatment of stuttering.

HCRI’s innovative work through the years has transformed thousands of lives through fluency. Consider these pioneering “firsts” in the treatment of stuttering.

HCRI was the…

  • First to develop a quality controlled, measurable stuttering therapy that delivers lasting results to individuals who stutter
  • First to identify and define fluency generating “target” behaviors in speech
  • First to incorporate a comprehensive array of scientifically based principles of learning into stuttering treatment. This enabled the acquisition and long-term retention of fluent speech.
  • First to develop and document the detailed therapy steps required for successful treatment outcomes
  • First to create and implement an intensive clinician training program to ensure the effective delivery of HCRI stuttering therapy
  • First to invent and use advanced technology in stuttering treatment to make learning fluency skills easier and more precise
  • First to develop an extensive package of post-therapy support, including FluencyNet and an iPhone app, which help alumni maintain fluency for the long term

HCRI was founded in 1972 by stuttering expert and clinical psychologist Ronald L. Webster, Ph.D. The team at the nationally recognized stuttering treatment center continues to develop new therapy advancements and invent technologies that make fluency skills more easily attainable, measurable  and long lasting for therapy participants. The Institute has treated more than 6,300 people from across the U.S. and 50 countries.

For more about HCRI and the nonprofit center’s innovative approach to stuttering therapy, please visit www.stuttering.org. HCRI is located at 7851 Enon Drive, Roanoke, Virginia 24019.