HCRI: Proven Leader in the Research and Treatment of Stuttering

Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) is a global leader in stuttering research and developing innovative stuttering treatment solutions that have helped thousands acquire fluency skills that have stayed with them for a lifetime.

The sophistication of HCRI’s stuttering therapy — and the individualized approach from which clients benefit — is unmatched by other treatment programs. HCRI’s venerable reputation for outstanding therapy outcomes results from the fact that 95% of clients learn how speak fluently in 12 days and return home with skills that enable them to maintain fluency for the rest of their lives.

HCRI’s stuttering therapy program is based on 35 years of intensive research by in-house scientists who have discovered and indentified specific muscle behaviors that are essential to producing fluent speech. HCRI clinicians are stuttering therapy experts who understand how to scientifically treat the physical and emotional aspects of the disorder, and skillfully teach clients muscle control skills that generate fluency.

As you take the important step of evaluating your stuttering therapy options, we invite you to review the information below to learn what makes HCRI’s stuttering treatment so extraordinary and effective. Then, get ready to enjoy a richness in communication never before possible by calling HCRI at 540-265-5650.

What You Should Know About Stuttering and Treatment

  • There is no cure for stuttering. Yet, you can learning to speak fluently by training the muscles that generate speech.
  • Stuttering is not an emotional problem. It is a physical problem that may cause emotional issues.
  • The outcomes of stuttering therapy programs vary significantly, as do the expertise of providers. Do your homework.

What Makes HCRI Stuttering Therapy Different?

Unlike other stuttering treatment programs, HCRI’s proprietary therapy has been developed by the Institute’s own research scientists who are internationally recognized experts in the field of stuttering. These Ph.D.-credentialed researchers have tested and honed HCRI’s 12-day therapy program with more than 5,000 people of varying age and stuttering severity.

No other therapy approach can replicate the sophistication of HCRI’s treatment delivery and success – or the individualized approach from which clients benefit.

Why HCRI Therapy Succeeds When Others Fail

HCRI’s proprietary therapy is scientifically derived and the most advanced available for helping people learn how to generate robust, fluent speech for a lifetime.

  • Successful outcomes are consistently achieved because clients are taught how to replace distorted muscle activities that cause stuttering with new muscle behaviors that generate fluent speech.
  • HCRI clients receive individualized attention from accomplished, HCRI-trained clinicians who treat more people who stutter in one year than most speech therapists treat in a lifetime.
  • A comprehensive package of post-therapy tools and clinician support services are provided to each client to help ensure long-term fluency results.

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