How to Help People Who Stutter

There are 66 million people globally who suffer from the debiliating effects of stuttering.  Yet there is help in the form of treatment that can transform their lives. That’s why Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI), a pioneer in stuttering research and treatment innovation, has launched a development initiative designed to extend treatment access and support vital research in the field of stuttering.  The fundraising effort is called the Inventing the Future campaign — and you can help.

Envision what it would be like to live each day having people…

  • Turn away when you try to talk with them;
  • Hang up the telephone when you call them; or
  • Laugh when you are desperately struggling to say something important.

This is what happens to people who stutter.  They have fluent thoughts, fluent writing abilities, and even fluent singing skills. Yet, it all breaks down when they try to talk.  Stuttering (also called stammering) affects three million people living in the United States and 66 million people worldwide.  Those who speak fluently take it for granted.

Sadly, stuttering has been ignored on the national health stage because it is deeply misunderstood by people who do not have it.  Many have the misconception that persons who stutter are less intelligent – or have emotional or mental problems. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

HCRI research scientists have demonstrated that stuttering has a physical basis and is not caused by mental dysfunction or anxiety.  The simple fact is that stutterers are normal people who have difficulty talking; and they deserve help and attention.

The good news is that HCRI, which was founded in 1972, has pioneered the development of scientifically based stuttering treatment methods that have helped thousands who stutter learn to speak fluently.

Researchers at the Institute are on the verge of key discoveries that may isolate the cause of stuttering, which could ultimately lead to a cure. In addition, HCRI is working on ways to use technology to extend treatment access to more people in more places than ever before possible.

The reality of operating a not-for-profit institute is that outside funding is needed to move forward with important work that will benefit society.  That’s what led HCRI to initiate the Inventing the Future campaign.   Interested persons can join the cause to help improve the lives of persons who stutter by making a gift at or calling 540-265-5650.