HCRI Provides Stuttering Therapy Clients with Comprehensive Post-Therapy Support

The 12-day, scientifically based stuttering treatment program at Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) includes extensive post-therapy support to help clients maintain newly acquired fluency skills for a lifetime.

HCRI’s expert clinicians compassionately guide program participants through each step of the stuttering therapy process. Then, when clients return home, the Institute’s commitment to fluency training and maintenance continues by providing clients with a full spectrum of support tools and assistance.

According to HCRI President Ronald L. Webster, Ph.D., “At HCRI, we are your partner in fluency for life.”  HCRI’s package of post-treatment resources and services includes:

Phone and Email Contact – HCRI clinicians proactively stay in touch with program participants after therapy through phone contact and emails. In addition, all clients are encouraged to contact the Institute whenever they have questions or need assistance (540-265-5650 or admin@stuttering.org).

HCRI iPhone/iPod Touch App – A convenient practice tool, the HCRI app evaluates, scores, and provides immediate feedback on speech skills taught during HCRI therapy.

FluencyNet Subscription – Available for both PC and Apple platforms, this internet-based home practice system helps individuals review and fine-tune targets using the same physical measurements used during HCRI therapy. Each program participant receives a free one-year subscription.

Practice Groups – Participating in one of the HCRI client-led fluency practice groups across the country or joining phone practice sessions that are regularly scheduled helps clients maintain fluency target quality.

Refresher Courses – Held throughout the year, refresher courses are provided for program participants who wish to return to HCRI to further hone their fluency skills, should the need arise.

Program Manuals and CDs – HCRI therapy program manuals and CDs are available anytime, on request.

Facebook Group – Program participants are encouraged to join the HCRI Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/46445386545/ and participate in discussions, chat with other alumni and supporters, and stay updated with the latest HCRI news.

HCRI Reunions – Returning to HCRI for this enjoyable, worthwhile weekend helps clients re-connect with clinicians, socialize with other program participants, practice  fluency skills, and hear about the latest treatment innovations.

Ongoing Communication – HCRI distributes newsletters and emails on a regular basis to help ensure HCRI clients stay up-to-date on the latest HCRI news, information, and fluency resources.

About HCRI

Hollins Communications Research Institute was founded by Ronald L. Webster in 1972 to investigate stuttering through scientific discovery and treatment innovation. Under Dr. Webster’s direction, Roanoke, Virginia-based HCRI, a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, has become an international leader in stuttering research and the development of innovative, scientifically based therapy approaches.

The Institute offers 17 stuttering therapy programs annually, each of which lasts 12 days. HCRI clinicians have treated nearly 6,000 people, aged 10 to 73, from across the U.S. and 47 other countries. Clients include broadcaster John Stossel of Fox News; Annie Glenn, wife of Senator and Astronaut John Glenn; as well as athletes, teachers, engineers, students, doctors, military personnel, business professionals, police officers, actors, and others from all walks of life.

For more information, visit www.stuttering.org or contact HCRI at 540-265-5650.