New Children’s Book Offers Hope to Kids Who Stutter

Katie: The Little Girl Who Stuttered and Then Learned to Talk Fluently

A new children’s book penned by Dr. Ron Webster, founder and president of Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI), addresses universal themes of acceptance and overcoming challenges through the telling of a heartwarming, true story about a little girl who stutters.

The author of this endearing story has dedicated his life to treating the debilitating and misunderstood disorder of stuttering. Webster pioneered comprehensive behavioral stuttering therapy and founded HCRI, a nonprofit stuttering research and treatment center. More than 6,100 people who stutter have come to HCRI for stuttering treatment.

In “Katie: The Little Girl Who Stuttered and Then Learned to Talk Fluently” (ISBN 1468004905), Webster shares the true story of how one young girl overcame her stuttering. Designed for children between the ages of three and seven to read with their parents, the narrative introduces a vivacious young girl named Katie who is bright and loving, just like the children around her.

Yet, when Katie tries to verbalize her thoughts and feelings, her stuttering always gets in the way. No matter how smooth and clear the thoughts are in her head, they never come out that way when she tries to speak.

Other children constantly tease Katie for the way she talks, and she only seems to find comfort from their torment when she goes to a park after school and plays hide-and-seek. Yet, that all changes. Her wish to free her voice from stuttering comes true when she and her mother learn about a special kind of stuttering therapy, which is based on science.With this specialized approach to stuttering therapy, Katie learns new speaking skills that make her words flow freely and spontaneously.

In addition to a happy outcome, the unforgettable, nonfiction narrative offers an unexpected, heartwarming ending.

“This book gives hope to children who stutter by showing there may be an answer to their speech problem through hard work, determination, and the right type of treatment,” Webster says. “In addition, the storyline will benefit all children because it teaches lessons in understanding and respect for the challenge others face.”

“Katie: The Little Girl Who Stuttered and then Learned to Talk Fluently” includes colorful illustrations that help tell Katie’s journey to fluency. The childlren’s book is available for sale at Click here to buy the book>>

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