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We regularly post new articles on this blog about our advanced stuttering therapy program, research initiatives, institute news, stories about HCRI therapy participants (our “alumni”), and other helpful resources to complement the extensive information on our site.

If you would like to suggest an article topic, have questions or need additional information, we encourage you to reach out any time by email or calling us toll-free 855-236-7032.


Hollins Communications Research Institute – A Primer

The following serves as a primer about the award-winning Hollins Communications Research Institute. It includes the nonprofit center's mission, overview and recognition. For more indepth information and to view before-and-after

HCRI Stuttering Therapy on ABC Prime Time Show

The finale of the ABC series Astronaut Wives Club gave viewers a dramatic summary of the evolving personal and professional journeys experienced by the seven wives of the Mercury astronauts. The

12,000 Miles to Fluency

Eighteen-year-old "Riley" had difficulty talking and stuttered since his early childhood. He reached a time in his life when he wanted to tackle his stuttering once and for all. After

Advice for Incoming HCRI Stuttering Therapy Participants from Clients Completing Treatment

Following are insights provided by HCRI therapy program participants who just completed their 12-day intensive treatment program at the Institute’s treatment center in Roanoke, Virginia. Their advice is geared toward

Composer and Violinist Richard Sortomme Overcomes Stuttering for the First Time in His Life with HCRI Stuttering Therapy

Composer and violinist Richard Sortomme of Mount Vernon, New York has spent his career perfecting melodies and minute details of musical tone, balance and flow. His work has led to

HCRI Stuttering Treatment Provides Unexpected Outcomes for Two Therapy Participants

From Stuttering to Fluency to Falling in Love Nonprofit Hollins Communications Research Institute (www.stuttering.org ) has helped thousands of people who stutter acquire life-long fluency skills. Yet, the ability to overcome

High School Educator Takes Unusual Steps to Prepare for the New School Year

Spanish Teacher Gladys Rosario Attends HCRI Stuttering Therapy “Refresher” Program to Enhance Her Teaching Effectiveness As students across the country get ready for the start of school, one Maryland teacher

Top 10 Reasons to Choose HCRI for Stuttering Therapy

There are a wide range of stuttering therapy approaches available today, each with different methodologies and different short- and long-term fluency outcomes. Yet, choosing the right stuttering treatment that produces

What People Say about HCRI

More than 6,3000 people who stutter from 50 countries have come to the Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI - www.stuttering.org ) in Roanoke, Virginia for fluency-skill training. Founded by Ronald

HCRI Provides Stuttering Therapy Clients with Comprehensive Post-Therapy Support

The 12-day, scientifically based stuttering treatment program at Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI) includes extensive post-therapy support to help clients maintain newly acquired fluency skills for a lifetime. HCRI's expert clinicians compassionately