Stuttering – Fear, Anxiety and Stress when I Need to Communicate.

While it was always a struggle, I never let my stuttering stop me as I went through school and started on my career path. Yet, I always felt like I paid a price for each of my accomplishments. That price meant dealing with immense fear, anxiety and stress every time I needed to communicate.

When I started working after business school, I realized how important strong communication skills were to my future. To advance in my field, I needed to master public speaking and effortlessly give presentations, participate in meetings and talk on the phone.

Since childhood, I have participated in different types of speech therapy and even tried using a special device designed to help with stuttering. None of the approaches helped with my fluency.

Then I was told about HCRI by a senior executive from my company who took a special interest in my career development. She knew of a colleague who had tremendous success with the Hollins program and put me in touch with him. Soon thereafter, I went to Roanoke and participated in the program. It was the first time any speech therapy had worked. At HCRI, I learned techniques and exercises that enabled me to speak fluently.

Since attending the program, my fear and anxiety from stuttering have been replaced with enjoyment and anticipation. I’ve advanced to a new position with my company and now look forward to presenting in front of groups and talking with business associates.

While I didn’t recognize doors being closed before I went to HCRI, now I definitely see them opening.

Henry Kessler
Product Manager
Bristol-Myers Squibb